The intertwining of democracy and economic development. A brief insight for Colombia

  • David Caicedo Sarralde


The following article will attempt to provide an insight about the relationship between economic development and the democracy of a country. A brief State of the Art revision has been constructed in order to propose a theoretical underpinning for the discussion. In addition, this article includes an interview with Professor Matthew Carnes S.J., in order to enrich the discussion arguments.

His answers make a positive contribution to the debate by displaying alternatives that address the issues of our current political system. During this article, several frameworks will be presented to establish the interconnections between the economic system and the performance of democracy, opening up the door for several authors such as Seymour Martin Lipset, James Robinson, Adam Przeworski, George Akerloff, Robert Shiller, Inglehart, Collier and others, which will be applied to the Colombian case.