Approach and Scope

The International Journal of Cooperation and Development is a free biannual publication of the University of San Buenaventura-Cartagena. Its purpose is to promote scientific and academic dissemination in a national and international way, on issues of international cooperation and sustainable and human development.


The Journal publishes research papers and review, in English and Spanish, but also accepts manuscripts in Italian, in order to promote cross-border and intercultural dialogue. This journal also has a section for book reviews.


As it is a scientific publication, the Journal guarantees anonymous double peer review of the articles. The Committee sends the pre-selected articles to anonymous reviewers, who, based on the criteria of scientific rigor, without knowing the names of the authors, will decide on the relevance of their publication. Scientific contributions will be received through our Open Journal System, to which you must subscribe at the following link:

Peer Review Process

All the content of the journal (editorial, articles, and review) is subjected to a double-blind peer review process.


Manuscripts must be received through the Open Journal System platform (OJS) by registering at the following link:


The editorial team evaluates whether it meets the basic requirements demanded by the journal (originality, focus of the journal, type of article, article structure) and establishes the first filter, taking into account format, quality, and relevance.


After this first review, the articles that will start the double-blind peer review process are defined. The texts are, in this instance, submitted to the evaluation of anonymous academic peers and to the concept of the editorial team. The evaluators are external and internal to the University of San Buenaventura, both national and international.


The result will be communicated to the author within a period of up to five months from the receipt of the article. When the evaluation process exceeds this period, the editor must inform the author of this situation.


The reviewers may make suggestions to the author, pointing out significant references that have not been included in the work, if the content does not content does not conform to what has been stated, they are free to reject the article.


The choice of the evaluators will be may so that they do not have conflicts of interest with the topics on which they are to give their opinion. In case of any doubt, the evaluator will be replaced.


The journal has a format that contains questions with carefully defined criteria, which the referee must answer about the article under evaluation. In turn, the reviewer is responsible for accepting modifications or rejecting the refereed article. During the evaluation, both the names of other authors and the evaluators will be kept completely anonymous.

Publication Frequency

The International Journal of Cooperation and Development is an electronic publication (January-June and July-December)  published before the end of each semester.


It is edited by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences through its Latin American School of Cooperation and Development of the University of San Buenaventura. It began in 2014 in electronic format and to date it has been published uninterruptedly to date.


The format is freely accessible.


Open Access policy

The International Journal of Cooperation and Development promotes open access in its contents, until Vol. 4 (1) of 2017 it was published under the Creative Commons 4.0 international license (CC: BY-SA), however, the editorial committee of the magazine establishes that from Vol. 5 (1) of 2018 it is published under the Creative Commons International 4.0 license (CC: BY-NC-ND)


This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND


Ethical policies

The International Journal of Cooperation and Development subscribes to the ethical policies for scientific dissemination and publication at the University of San Buenaventura. You can consult the policy at the following link:


 Exemption policy

The opinions, value judgments and facts argued in each article are the sole responsibility of the authors and may not coincide with the Journal's approach.

The editorial committee of the International Journal of Cooperation and Development is not responsible for the authenticity of the articles.



The journal has a backup system on the OJS platform, which allows all issues and volumes to be preserved.


Anti-plagiarism policy

Due to the increase in scientific fraud, the International Journal for Cooperation and Development includes in its editorial process, it will analyze all documents received, using the anti-plagiarism software TURNITIN to measure the degree of originality of the received manuscript.





At the end of December 2021 our dear professor and friend Carlo Tassara passed away, undoubtedly unexpected news, Carlo was an indefatigable person, despite his multiple obligations, he did not wait more than 15 minutes to answer an email, he was convinced of social cohesion, public policies and above all international cooperation between Europe and Latin America, an aspect that materialized in publications, agreements, and student mobility.


Each one will have anecdotes that they will remember fondly for the value of their legacy. I met him in 2005 when he was my professor of monitoring and evaluation in the specialization of international cooperation, University of San Buenaventura. From then until 2019 we met every year in Cartagena, he came to teach his classes without missing any cohort.


There are many reasons why the journal's scientific and editorial committee decided to launch this year's issue 9-2 as a tribute to Tassara.


For this we have prof. Jairo Agudelo (from the Universidad del Norte) who will be our guest editor. He was the first to propose to Tassara to venture into teaching, Jairo thanks for accepting this invitation.


Similarly, I am grateful for the support of Maura Viezzoli and Luigi Grando from the Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (CISP), an organization with which Carlo worked for many years.


However, this call will be possible with the contribution of each one of you, for this reason we extend to you the most cordial invitation to share a review article, research result or reflection.


Attached the cover for dissemination, as well as the details of the call.



The manuscripts that we will receive must be related to one of the themes that Tassara developed during his academic and field life as a cooperant.


Social cohesion

Euro-Latin American dialogues

south-south cooperation

Public policies in Latin America

International cooperation in Latin America


Manuscript submission method: First, it is necessary to register through the journal's platform Register | International Journal of Cooperation and Development (


I also share the guidelines for authors.


Shipping | International Journal of Cooperation and Development (


 Opening date: May 10, 2022


Closing date: July 12, 2022


Publication: December 2022


Manuscript languages: English, Spanish and Italian.