Science, innovation, scientific cooperation and multilateralism.

Guest editors – Belkis Romeu[1] (Cuba)  and Jacqueline Hernández[2] (Colombia)

Manuscript Deadline: April 4 th 2022

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to invite you to submit your manuscripts to the next issue of our journal   which will focus on : Science, innovation, scientific cooperation and multilateralism in times of pandemic..

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown us that our countries cannot  coexist in isolation.  Difficulty in accessing medicines, globalization in an increasingly interconnected world, pandemics, climate change, among others, are global challenges that have an impact in our societies. That is why scientific knowledge, technology and innovation must be essential for the development of society and its adaptability to the changing environment of international relationships.

The establishment of a space of interaction between science, innovation and diplomacy allows us  to  build  connections so that the scientific and diplomatic communities can build trust and mutual understanding.

The goal of the dossier is to analyze the relationships between the  knowledge diplomacy, regulatory sciences, innovation, access to new technologies as tools for the region’s participation in international forums and in the sustainability and development of the health of our societies.

The main themes proposed to the authors are:

  • Science, technology and innovation: Priorities for the agendas of the multilateral forums and States.
  • Innovation in pandemic times, its interaction with the regulatory agencies in order to promote accessibility and sustainable development.
  • The multilateral organizations in the context of Covid 19 pandemic: challenges and vulnerabilities.
  • Scientific cooperation in the COVID-19 pandemic: impact from the industry perspective.
  • Vaccines and diplomacy in times of pandemic.
  • Science as an instrument of diplomacy: its impact in times of pandemic.
  • Diplomacy in service of the regulatory sciences in order to create international collaboration and taccess to quality, effective and safe medicines.
  • Science in diplomacy, COVID-19, access to medicines and vaccines

Types of manuscript:

  • Research results
  • Case study
  • Review

This call is addressed to: academics, researchers accompanied by their students, diplomats, students  of international relations and people in the area of  innovation sciences  and regulation to contribute with their intellectual productions in the region.

Clarifications: Manuscripts must follow these initial conditions:

  1. The writings must be unpublished and be related to the disciplinary areas that make up the journal.
  2. Submissions must be made through the Open Journal System platform. To do this, you have to sign up at the following link:
  3. The journal’s editorial staff will acknowledge receipt of the originals within a period of fifteen business days of receipt.
  4. They may be written in Spanish, English, French or Italian.


[1] Microbiologist-immunologist, University of Havana, Cuba. Doctor (PhD) in Medical Sciences at the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, Cuba. Post-doctoral study at Harvard University, Boston Children Hospital Massachusetts, United States. Advanced Executive Studies at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, Switzerland

[2] Bacteriologist, specialist in health services management, Master in Public Health. Associate researcher according to Minciencias (Colombia), leader of the Health and Social Practices research group. Editor of books in the health area.