Feminisms, gender in development and decoloniality: challenges for development cooperation

Guest Editor – Álvaro Fernández-Baldor (Spain)[1]

Call opening: 27 September 2023

Deadline for receipt of manuscripts: 22 febrary 2024

Dear colleagues, this call is to invite you to submit your manuscripts to the next issue of our journal, which will focus on the theme: Feminisms, Gender in Development and Decoloniality: Challenges for Development Cooperation.


The aim of the dossier is to delve into the current challenges we face in order to include a feminist and decolonial perspective in international cooperation programs, as well as in development programs at the level of both the Global South and the Global North. Knowing different theoretical proposals on feminisms and decoloniality, as well as their applicability in specific cases, will allow us to move towards more transformative practices, both in the development cooperation system and in the development of inclusive and fairer societies. This perspective is understood in a broad sense, incorporating “other” visions of feminism beyond Eurocentric feminism.


This includes, but does not limit the focus of discussion to the following topics:

1. Feminist theoretical proposals, as well as their practical implications when it comes to operationalising their concepts.

2. Decolonial looks at gender and feminisms.

3. Intersectionality studies and their applicability.

4. Feminist and ecofeminist approaches to gender in development and their application to specific contexts.

5. Processes of organisational change with a feminist perspective.

6. Sexual and gender diversity in development cooperation.

Any other topic that interrelates the concepts of feminisms, decoloniality and development cooperation.


Type of manuscripts.

    1. Research results

    2. Review


Target audience: academics, researchers accompanied by their students, diplomats, students of different degrees (gender studies, sociology, development cooperation, international relations) and in general anyone who wants to support the development of this dossier. People from the Global South who bring a decolonial perspective to the dossier are most welcome.



Manuscripts must meet the following initial conditions:

1. Papers must be unpublished and related to the disciplinary areas covered by the journal.

2. Submissions must be made through the Open Journal Sytem platform. To do this you must register at the following link: http://revistas.usbbog.edu.co/index.php/Cooperacion/user/register

3. The journal’s editorial office will acknowledge receipt of the originals within fifteen working days of receipt.

4. They may be written in Spanish, English, French or Italian.


[1] Doctor professor at the Department of Engineering Projects at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Spain) and researcher at the INGENIO institute (CSIC-UPV). He teaches classes in the Master of Development Cooperation at the UPV. He has completed his doctorate researching the impact (especially gender) of technological projects from human development and the capabilities approach. His areas of research interest are the following: social impact of technology, international development cooperation, grassroots social innovation. He also teaches classes as a guest professor in different areas, especially in cooperation master's degrees in areas related to engineering and development cooperation. He has field experience in Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, South Africa and Kenya. In 2007 he received first prize for the best final year project in the IV PFC Competition in the field of technology for human development, for a design of an energy supply in an isolated rural area of ​​Guatemala. In 2015 he was awarded the Development Cooperation Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Group-9 of Universities.