Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check their submissions meet the items shown below. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will be returned to the authors.

  • Have read the Revista Guillermo de Ockham policy and agree to it (see Guide for authors).
  • Verify that the paper complies with all formal, ethical and legal requirements for authors and co-authors (see Ethical policy).
  • Fill out the submission form correctly and completely (Please refrain from using sustained capital letters in names and titles, both on the platform and in the formats).
  • Submit an unpublished manuscript; that is, one that has not been published in any medium (print or digital) and has not been submitted simultaneously to another journal and is not being considered for publication by another publisher.
  • Review the article by a style corrector. This ensures that the content arrives without typing, grammatical, semantic, spelling, linguistic and citation errors and reduces the probability that a peer reviewer may reject the manuscript with the argument that carelessness in writing impeded the communication and understanding of the results.
  • Download and fill out the Cover Letter completely and correctly. Verify the submission checklist inside and sign it after filling it out (download model here).
  • Download, read, answer and sign, individually, the Declaration of Interests. This should be done separately by authors and co-authors (download model here).
  • Attach the following files:
    1. Manuscript
    2. Cover letter
    3. Declaration of interests of all authors.
    4. Figures in their source format (jpg, png, tiff, etc.) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). This point applies if figures were used in the paper.
    5. Research approval from the bioethics committee or bodies that approved the study. This item applies if the object of the study is humans or animals.
    6. Informed consent for publication: if there are data, photographs, or material that identifies the study participants. This item applies if personal information (as indicated above) was used.
    7. Authorizations for publication: permissions for partial or total reproduction of published material that is not in the public domain or licensed for use and that has been used in the paper. This item applies if the material that is not in the public domain or licensed for use was used.
  • Note: Subsequently, when the paper is positively evaluated by the peers and approved by the editorial committee, the authors will be required to fill out, sign, and send the assignment of rights.

Author Guidelines

See Guide for authors