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COVID-19 has undoubtedly marked not only history in public health issues, but it has also been the root of countless consequences in different scenarios, which have been transformed, all because of the measures implemented to counteract the virus, which was originated, at the end of 2019, in China and, that later spread to all corners of the planet.

The health emergency jeopardized governments, and despite efforts to maintain control, supervision of infections, and deaths in their own territory, it was necessary to think of a biological substance, which would reduce infections, and therefore, deaths. in the world. The role of vaccines has been of great importance. Their manufacture and distribution worldwide has been the effective solution for the sake of being able to continue supporting the economy, markets and, of course, multilateralism.

Consequently, governments and some multilateral organizations, based on a collective initiative, decided to launch a mechanism, which could guarantee coverage, equity, and the right to inoculation in the world, but especially in low- and middle-income countries. This plan called COVAX intends to finance the research, manufacture, and distribution of immunological agents, by guaranteeing the protection of life and world economy.

Keywords: Economy; Access; Public health; Agreement; International policy.


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