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The Jean Monnet Chair in International Law at the Externado de Colombia University has carried out extraordinary and fruitful work. There are 16 years of calls with which, in the IUS COGENS Collection alone, nine numbers have been published. The holder of the Chair, professor Eric Tremolada Alvarez, has been the promoter of this annual activity. This number, number nine of the aforementioned Collection, is divided into three parts. The first deals with the “Unfinished Debates on International Law and Politics”. The second of “International organizations in the face of the pandemic”. The third, and final section, is entitled “National Interests versus Multilateralism”. This volume of the Chair reveals the teaching and research experience that wants to propose other views and the search for alternatives to solve the complex realities of the world. Among others, the article by Carlo Tassara stands out, an academic of special virtues and with extensive university and research experience, as evidenced by his magnificent work. In the article, accompanied by Mariángela Rueda, the role played by the European Union is recognized: “... since the 1990s, the European Union (EU) has been consolidating itself as a model of regional integration and as a global actor in the international scene”. Professor Tassara’s work is an essential journey in the studies of the European Union and international.

Keywords: Jean Monnet Chair, international organizations, pandemic, multilateralism, Carlo Tassara,European Union, international cooperation.


Tremolada Álvarez, Eric. (ed.) (2021). El futuro de las organizaciones internacionales: Retos y responsabilidades del multilateralismo en la pospandemia. Colección IUS COGENS. Derecho Internacional e Integración, 9. Bogotá: Universidad Externado de Colombia.


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