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The International Journal of Cooperation and Development is a meeting and multidisciplinary discussion place to analyze aspects related to international cooperation and sustainable human development, especially in the area of Latin America and the Caribbean, approached from academic research and targeting the improvement of both the theoretical understanding and the knowledge of reality itself.

This is an electronic publication for professionals and researchers in the social sciences interested in topics related to international cooperation and development, such as international politics, international law, forms and actors of cooperation, aid effectiveness, economy and trade rights, forced migration and armed conflict, migration, regional integration, global public goods, corporate global responsibility and human rights, education for development, among other topics. The publications are the result of research, reflection and revision and should make quality contributions to the analysis of cooperation and human development

Feminisms, gender in development and decoloniality: challenges for development cooperation


Dear colleagues, this call is to invite you to submit your manuscripts to the next issue of our journal, which will focus on the theme: Feminisms, Gender in Development and Decoloniality: Challenges for Development Cooperation.

Computational Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics at the Service of Research in Linguistics and Education: An Overview in Colombia.

La lingüística computacional y de corpus al servicio de la investigación en Lingüística y Educación: un esbozo en Colombia

Pérez Pérez Carlos Mario, Quiroz Herrera Gabriel

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Linguistics Beyond the Traditional Study of Language

La Lingüística más allá del estudio tradicional de la lengua

Liliam Cuartas López, Orozco Camacho Nidia

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Sociolinguistic analysis of argumentative academic discourse: a methodological approach from corpus linguistics

Análisis sociolingüístico del discurso académico argumentativo: un enfoque metodológico desde la lingüística de corpus

Vargas Cáceres Karime

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Forms of address in Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, towards and expansion of solidarity?

Tratamientos pronominales en Bogotá, Cali y Medellín, ¿hacia una ampliación de la solidaridad?

Barrero Molina David Santiago

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Conceptual, historical and educational considerations on phonological awareness and orthographic norms in Spanish

Consideraciones conceptuales, históricas y educativas sobre la conciencia fonológica y las normas ortográficas en el español

Diaz Romero Camilo Enrique

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The Internet Meme as a Pedagogical Resource for the Strengthening of Critical Reading

El meme de Internet como recurso pedagógico para el fortalecimiento de la lectura crítica

Anaya Mogollón Alberto, Acevedo Valdés Gustavo Adolfo, Cediel Gómez Yulia Katherine

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Analysis on production and perception of corporeal and imitative sound symbolism in bilingual adolescents of Montessori British School of Bogota from virtual surveys

Análisis sobre la producción y percepción del simbolismo sonoro corpóreo e imitativo en adolescentes bilingües del Montessori British School de Bogotá a partir de encuestas virtuales

Achipis Merchán Natalia Isabel

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Reflection and Dialogue as Instruments to Promote Healthy Coexistence

La reflexión y el diálogo como instrumentos para fomentar una sana convivencia

Pardo Maria-Victoria, Navarro Guzmán Fredy

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Strengthening critical reading in high school students through the use of intertextuality

Fortalecimiento de la lectura crítica en estudiantes de secundaria a través del uso de la intertextualidad

Gómez Betancur Martha Inés, Camilo Andrés González Garzón, Rafael Ricardo Cogollo Pitalúa

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Representation of the curriculum conceptions and their management in the pedagogical practices of teachers in educational institutions in Córdoba, Colombia

Representaciones de las concepciones del currículo y su gestión en las prácticas pedagógicas de maestros de instituciones educativas de Córdoba, Colombia

Perez Solipa Juan Felipe, Salgado Guzman Andrea Milagros, Doria Correa Rudy

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