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The International Journal of Cooperation and Development is a meeting and multidisciplinary discussion place to analyze aspects related to international cooperation and sustainable human development, especially in the area of Latin America and the Caribbean, approached from academic research and targeting the improvement of both the theoretical understanding and the knowledge of reality itself.

This is an electronic publication for professionals and researchers in the social sciences interested in topics related to international cooperation and development, such as international politics, international law, forms and actors of cooperation, aid effectiveness, economy and trade rights, forced migration and armed conflict, migration, regional integration, global public goods, corporate global responsibility and human rights, education for development, among other topics. The publications are the result of research, reflection and revision and should make quality contributions to the analysis of cooperation and human development

Feminisms, gender in development and decoloniality: challenges for development cooperation


Dear colleagues, this call is to invite you to submit your manuscripts to the next issue of our journal, which will focus on the theme: Feminisms, Gender in Development and Decoloniality: Challenges for Development Cooperation.

Cohesión Social euro-latinoamericana. In memoriam del profesor Carlo Tassara

Cohesión Social euro-latinoamericana. In memoriam del profesor Carlo Tassara

Agudelo Taborda Jairo

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The European Union and Latin America: Critical Junctures and a New Social Contract

La Unión Europea y América Latina: coyunturas críticas y nuevo contrato social

Sanahuja José Antonio

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Socioeconomic inequality in Latin America and Colombia. Overview of public policies for wealth redistribution.

La disuguaglianza socioeconomica in America Latina e Colombia. Panoramica sulle politiche pubbliche per la redistribuzione della ricchezza

Riccardi Davide, Agudelo Taborda Jairo, Bossio Blanco Veronica del Carmen

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18-33 |

Euro-Latin American Relations: Perspectives on the Consolidation of Bi-Regional Trade Cooperation

Relaciones euro-latinoamericanas: perspectivas sobre la consolidación de la cooperación comercial birregional

Insignares Cera Silvana, Rueda Fiorentino Mariangela

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Dialogues on Public Policies and Social Cohesion: Reflections and Experiences Dereived From the Social Cohesion Laboratory ii Mexico-European Union

Diálogos de Políticas Públicas y Cohesión Social: reflexiones y experiencias derivadas del Laboratorio de Cohesión Social ii México-Unión Europea

Salamanca Chávez Débora Jaél

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Colombia and Brazil international Leadership: an Analysis From the South-South Cooperation Since 2010 to 2018

El liderazgo internacional de Colombia y Brasil: Análisis desde la Cooperación Sur-Sur del 2010 al 2018

Gallo Numpaque William Ferney, Marín Aranguren Erli Margarita

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The Public Diplomacy of the European Union in Colombia: Does it Contribute to an Improvement in the Perception?

La Diplomacia Pública de la Unión Europea en Colombia: ¿Contribuye a una mejora en su percepción?

Tremolada Eric, Quiroga Chacón Gloria Andrea

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Análisis de la retórica en los títulos de los proyectos para el sostenimiento de la paz financiados por el Fondo de Naciones Unidas

Análisis de la retórica en los títulos de los proyectos para el sostenimiento de la paz financiados por el Fondo de Naciones Unidas

Garay Vargas Javier Leonardo, Marin Aranguren Erli Margarita, León López Maira Alejandra

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Geography of the Environmental Degrowth. The Mexican Experience in Community Resilience Facing Climate Change

Geografía del decrecimiento ambiental. La experiencia mexicana en la resiliencia comunitaria frente al cambio climático

Vannucchi Chiara

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The Future of International Organizations

El futuro de las organizaciones internacionales

García Núñez Luis Fernando

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