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The aim of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the CD-RISC in community dwelling older people, and compare its factorial structure with the original one. We used the following scales: CD-RISC (resilience), PSS (perceived stress), the mental component of the SF-12, GDS (Geriatric Depression) and MOS (social support). It was finally a scale with three dimensions including 17 items. Convergent validity was performed to test whether the means of the variables used are significantly associated with resilience and global scores of Spanish version of CD-RISC scale were directly correlated with the scores of MOS and mental component of SF-12, and inversely related with the scores of PSS and GDS scales. In conclusion the Spanish CD-RISC scale includes 17 items divided into three dimensions, shows acceptable psychometric properties and correlates with social support, perceived stress, depression and mental component of quality of life.



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