International Journal of Psychological Research

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Vol 11 No 2 (2018)
Published September 1, 2018

Research Article

Tony Cassidy, Ingrid Doyle
Benefit finding and well-being in older adults: The utility of the General Benefit Finding Scale.
Jorge Palacios
Interplay between sensation seeking and risky alcohol drinking in Mexican adolescents: An structural modeling equation approach.
Kalina Martínez Martínez, Ana Lucía Jiménez Pérez, Violeta Félix Romero, Silvia Morales Chainé
Impact of a brief intervention programs in clinical practice: Barriers and adaptations.
Karina Ibeth Izquierdo-Guerra, David Andres Montoya-Arenas, Jose G. Franco, Ana M. Gaviria
Relationship between depressive symptomatology and cognitive performance in older people
Yesica Zuluaga Castaño, David Andrés Montoya-Arenas, Lina Velilla, Carolina Ospina, Joseph F. Arboleda-Velasquez, Yakeel T. Quiroz, Francisco Lopera
Cognitive performance in asymptomatic carriers of mutations R1031C and R141C in CADASIL
Daniela Herrera-Moreno, Diego Carvajal-Ovalle, Angélica Cueva-Nuñez, Camila Acevedo, Fernando Riveros Munévar, Katherin Camacho, Diana Milena Fajardo-Tejada, Mauricio Noel Clavijo-Moreno, Dary Luz Lara-Correa, Stefano Vinaccia Alpi
Body image, perceived stress, and resilience in military amputees of the internal armed conflict in Colombia

Review Article

Guillermo Andrés Rodríguez Martínez, Henry Castillo Parra
Bistable perception: neural bases and usefulness in psychological research

Reflection Article

Carlos Tirado, Omid Khatin-Zadeh, Melina Gastelum, Nathan Jones, Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos
The strength of weak embodiment
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