Vol. 20 No. 2 (2022)
On Whether There is a Political Unconscious

This monograph of Revista Guillermo de Ockham, a journal edited by Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali, Colombia, deals with the fundamental question that gravitates in all its pages: is there a political unconscious? The answer is addressed by each of the authors of this publication, who from epistemological, methodological, and theoretical-conceptual horizons —on some occasions located in specific cultural contexts— rigorously presented their different arguments, evidencing their social and academic relevance along the way. Their views not only considered the question about the existence of a political unconscious, but also about its thoughtful applicability in the human and social sciences, such as philosophy, economics, psychoanalysis, as well as in cultural and feminist issues, topics that are part of this number.

Reflection article

Ronai Pires da Rocha
On the Unconscious Elements of Social Life
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Jens Schröter
Is there a Political Unconscious in Technology?
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Claudia Perrone, Roselene Gurski
Oneiropolitics as Politics of Psychoanalysis
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Nicol Andrea Barria Asenjo, Rodrigo Aguilera Hunt, José Cabrera-Sánchez, Antonio Letelier Soto, Nicolás Alberto Pinochet-Mendoza
Rise of Far-Right Discourses in Chile: An Approach from Critical Theory
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Obed Frausto
The Politics of Collective Catharsis: The Inferiority Complex and the Struggle for Cultural Empowerment
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Isabel Millar
Can we Forget Foucault? Obscenity and the Politics of Seduction
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Jordi Riba
The Effects of the Interruption in the Relationship Between Individuals and the Institution of the Social
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Francisco Alejandro Vergara Muñoz
Autonomy/Independence of the Central Bank as a Neoliberal Symptom Edge
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