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Vol. 15 No. 2 (2022)
Published September 13, 2022
ISSN: 2011-7922
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Jorge Mauricio Cuartas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Journal of the Faculty of Psychology of Universidad de San Buenaventura, which is located in Medellín, dedicated to promoting psychological and neuroscientific knowledge and all its related sciences.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH is the electronic version of the printed publication of the same name (ISSN 2011-2084). 

This publication will be of interest to professionals in psychology, psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience and human behavior. In addition, this publication serves as a training resource for students in the areas of mental health, neuroscience, humanities and basic areas related to psychological research.     


Manuscript Reception and Special Issues

For 2023 we are preparing our special issues of Cognition in Neuroscience y Psychophysiology and Experimental Psychology. Therefore, review of manuscripts on these topics will be privileged.


March 15, 2022

Research Article

Camila Díaz-Gutiérrez, Beatriz Pérez, Andrés Concha-Salgado
Psychometric properties of the Sexual Double Standard Scale (DSS) in Chilean university people: Differences according to sex, gender attitudes, and religiosity
Usha Barahmand, Samaneh Mohamadpour, Ruhollah Heydari Sheikh Ahmad
COVID-19 Related Stresses, Conspiracy Beliefs, Uncertainty, and Nonadherence to Safety Guidelines
Minsun Lee, Hyun-Hwa Lee
The Interaction Effects of Age and Body Size on Body Appreciation and Health-Related Behaviors
Guillaume Durand
An Inconsistency Responding Scale for the Durand Adaptive Psychopathic Traits Questionnaire
Laura Teixidó-Abiol, Aida Arriba-Arnau, Juan Seguí Montesinos, Gonzalo Herradón Gil-Gallardo, Mª José Sánchez-López, Vicente De Sanctis Briggs
Psychopathological and Personality Profile in Chronic Nononcologic Nociceptive and Neuropathic pain: Cross-sectional Comparative Study
Henry Castillo-Parra, Jhon Alex Zeladita-Huaman, Lucila Cárdenas-Niño, Roberto Zegarra-Chapoñán, Juana Matilde Cuba-Sancho, Gladys Ivonne Morán-Paredes
Validation of the Steinberg Parenting Styles Scale in Peruvian adolescents
Gennaro Pica, Emanuele Fino
‘You Treated Me Like an Object, I Don’t Forgive You!’: The Effect of Dehumanization on Interpersonal Forgiveness from the Victim’s Perspective
Paula Antelo, Pablo Espinosa
The Influence of Different Types of Social Support in Caregivers of People with Dementia
Georgios D. Sideridis, Ioannis Tsaousis, Khaleel Al-Harbi
Assessing Language Skills Using Diagnostic Classification Models: An Example Using a Language Instrument
Jhon Alex Zeladita-Huaman, Roberto Zegarra-Chapoñán, Juana Matilde Cuba-Sancho, Henry Castillo-Parra, Victor Humberto Chero-Pacheco, Gladys Ivonne Morán-Paredes
Validation of a Bullying Scale in Peruvian Adolescents and Gender-Specific Differences
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The International Journal of Psychological Research (Int.j.psychol.res.) is the Faculty of Psychology’s official publication of San Buenaventura University in Medellin, Colombia. Int.j.psychol.res. relies on a vast and diverse theoretical and thematic publishing material, which includes unpublished productions of diverse psychological issues and behavioral human areas such as psychiatry, neurosciences, mental health, among others.